19 February 2010


19 February
I had the IUD Mirena inserted December 11, 2009. I decided to have the IUD placed because I have had bad reactions to several different pills. I thought that this would be a easy way to protect myself and regulate without having to remember the pill everyday. I would love another baby but not yet, I couldnt imagine trying to keep up with my active 5 month old and battling morning sickness. A friend of mine had hers placed more than a year or two ago and loves it.

About a month ago I began feeling sick and thought 'oh no' and took a pregnancy test...negative...hmmmm...but sick every morning for a week or so. Then my leg muscles began to ache, really for no reason, just sitting on the couch, they would ache so bad I would have to take alieve. My hair had been slowly coming out but the doctor told me that was normal with my hormones going back to normal and all that wonderful thick hair I had received while pregnant was shedding. Well I began losing gobs of it and soon my thick hair was strangely thin. I havent had thin hair since I was around 2 years old.

As time went on, I felt more blah! I didnt want to do much of anything and had no energy. I felt bad all the time with bloating and pain in my side and a DULL headache that has been with me since December 11th. So I began researching. I knew there were side effects, but could I really be dealing with all of them? The research I found scared me, there was message board after message board of women that have been dealing with the same things I have been.

So I decided it was coming out. Nothing is worth what I had been dealing with. Yesterday around 3:30 my doctor removed the IUD and guess what? Most of those symptoms including my 3 month long headache was gone by 8 pm. My doctor believes that either I was allegric to it, which wouldnt surprise me or my body rejected the foreign object. Either way it is out and I am happy. I even have some energy and actually did a few things in the evening besides play with Ava and play on the internet. And I was up longer than 8pm. I hadnt seen 9pm in a long time. I just felt so worn down.

I am not going to discourage anyone from getting it because it could work of someone else but just didnt work for me.

What Do I do for Living?

19 February

I get asked that a lot. I say I work for a contractor of the United States Coast Guard and people look at me like 'Okay and that means...." So I thought I would try to explain it.

This is the most complicated job description I have ever had. In the past I could just say secretary or director's assistant and people were like "Okay,you push paper and play on the internet all day doing nothing at a desk" and they smiled and went on. When really those positions are hard and tiring and usually the secretary is the backbone of the office even though many might disagree with me. (My dad in particular who works on his feet all day and sweats for a living.)

I am an evaluator. I am given applications from the mariners of the United States and must professional qualify them for the rating in which they have requested. I must comply with the Code of Federal Regulars written by the United States Coast Guard and the United States Congress. We are given checklists that give us a outline of what is acceptable and what is not and we must make sure that everything in that application is acceptable and legal.

When given an application we must make sure the the legal name and address are correct, that a drug test is provided and is signed off by the correct doctor, and that the sea service matches the necessary requirements for the rating in which the mariner is requesting. A complete evaluation can take anywhere from 15 minutes to almost 4 hours depending on the application request. Once I can show that everything is in the application and complete I am able to either send it to be printed and sent to the mariner or send it to be reviewed by a government employee and then be sent out. It can be very fustrating if the mariner did not include all the required information and I have to try to get in contact with him about it. Especially if he wants to argue about the required information or state that he didnt think he needed and will have to obtain it, making it a longer process for him to receive his credential.

Customer Service is a huge part of my job. I communicate through email, fax, and phone. Some of my guys can be pretty nasty but some are so sweet and I wish I could work with them throughout their career.

My position is complicated and the rules and regulations change a lot so I have to always be on my toes but I enjoy it. My experience here has made me grow and allowed me to become a more critical and analytical thinker.

15 February 2010

Valentines Day

15 February
Kenny and I have never made a big deal about Valentines Day. Our First Valentines Day in 2005 was the most special to me just because it was our first. We had dinner and Kenny bought me roses. I believe that there shouldnt be just one day of the year that you show your husband how much you love him. Throughout our relationship I have always tried to show Kenny that he is important to me. I leave him notes and make him cards, I try to make him his favorite things and if I am out shopping and I see something I know he would like, I buy it for him, just because.

Valentines Day as nice as a concept as it is, just doesnt get to me like it does most women. Our life is pretty simple, we take care of one another and we take care of our daughter. Now if I get a gift 'yay for me' if not then I am not going to try to make him feel bad for forgetting or not caring. He does plenty for me throughout the entire year that I just love spending a quiet evening at home with him and Ava and that would satify me. The best gift he has given me is our life together and our baby girl.

(Ava and Daddy being silly)

(Mommy and Ava)
The past 2 years Kenny has actually worked on Valentines Day and I have spent that day with my dad, who didnt even know it was Valentines Day until I told him. Men. I figure if we are going to celebrate any day its going to be my BIRTHDAY and Kenny has always made a big deal about that with me.

(her new favorite thing to do..stick out her tongue at everyone)
Ava had a pretty good day though, my mom bought her a bear with a sweater on it that was pink and Kenny's mom bought her a cute yellow long pants outfit. I figure from now on, this holiday is about our love for Ava and the love between us that brought her into this world. Its not about flowers or candies.

Her Frog

15 February
Kenny got this frog out of a claw vending machine over a year ago. Ava loves it. As soon as she sees it her face lights up. She will bat it back and forth on her lap and off her lap and pull his arms into her mouth.
She will stare at it for the longest time then yell and talk to it. Its her favorite I believe out of all her stuff animals that she plays with.

13 February 2010

The Sweetest Sound

13 February
This past week has consisted of me at home with Ava. It felt like a second maternity leave. We played and spent the whole week together. She smiles so much and is generally a happy baby unless the belly is empty or the diaper is wet. Yesterday during a moment of silliness, I was bouncing her on my knees and making funny faces while making weird noises and she giggled. Kenny and I looked at one another. Yes it was a giggle. Then I kept on with the funny faces and weird noises and here it came, her first belly laugh. It was so adorable. She had laughed or giggled I should say, before for my sister and for Kenny but this laugh was a good loud 'you're too funny' laugh. It melted my heart. And one of the best things about it was that Kenny was there to hear and share. I can't wait to get it on video to have for her to hear some day.

07 February 2010

A Very Snowy Weekend...

07 February
Friday morning Kenny went to work and I went to work and Ava went to Beckys. My morning started normal as usual until we got an email telling us we were to leave the building at 11am and it was a direct order not an option, by the time we got the email, our supervisor was telling us they had changed their minds and we were to be out by 10:36am. So I finished up my work and headed out. I picked Ava up from Beckys and got home around 11:30. This is what my driveway looked like then.
Around 2pm I took around round of pictures and started to wonder when Erika was gonna get here. The roads were covered and I knew the mountain would be horrible.
Ava played while I took pictures and cleaned up a little.
Erika got here around 4:30 and I was happy to have her. Kenny was working and I knew with the 30 inches they were calling for, there was no way he was coming home. She made herself comfortable and we made dinner and played with Ava.

We went to bed Friday night worrying about losing power and being stuck here, but we woke up on Saturday with power and were happy. But the scene outside was full of snow and it was still falling. Kenny and Kelly both were stuck at the station.

(and it kept falling)

Ava had a ball. She had me and Erika at her beck and call. She played and talked and yelled. She was with me walking around then Erika playing.

I managed to put her bouncey toy together that we got for a baby shower gift. She likes it but is a little short for it but I figure she's growing so one day shell get it.

We spent a little time on our bed just to break up the day. She loves sitting on our bed. Her whole face lights up and she will go from a wining mood to a great bubbly mood just laying on our bed. She sat and talked for about 20 minutes. She was happy.

Sunday morning, Kelly came to shovel Erika's car out and a friend came and plowed our driveway. Kenny and I are so thankful for it because there is no way we could have shoveled all that.

Kelly cleaned Erika's car then mine off. Truly a blessing to have such great family. Especially with Kenny still at work it is great to know someone cares to help us.
Erika went home with her hubby and Ava and I spent the afternoon laying in bed watching tv.

And this face is just priceless. I looked at her and said "Ava we may never get out!" and this is the face I was given.

04 February 2010

Our Home

04 February
Our home is slowly coming along. We started house shopping last spring. Kenny wanted to be in Back Creek Valley but there were only a few homes there that we liked and were in our price range. We looked at few houses in Inwood, but that was too far from the Valley which is where he wanted to be. In July we went to look at a house on Back Creek Valley Road a little down from his mothers house. In the middle of "I am related to everyone within 2 miles country"

It needed some work, it had sat empty for a while, but it was in the location that we wanted. In September we closed, 3 weeks before giving birth to Ava. Once we closed on the house we began the remodel, painting and changing things. I went into decorating mode. Things slowed down once Ava was born, Kenny had been in the middle of laying tile flooring in our half bath when they induced me. Lucky he knows great people and the floor was actually finished while I was in labor, since that lasted forever.

Once Ava was home and we had a little time to get used to our new schedule, we made time to go back to our new home and finish the painting and laying the laminate wood flooring. Kelly helped him with that and they did a great job.

We spent our one year anniversary packing up the townhouse and preparing to move. We did manage to squeeze in a little time for dinner but it was packing all weekend then we moved in on Monday, November 2nd. And it has honestly felt like home since we walked through the door.

Since we moved in, we still have been trying to fix it up and change things the way we would like it but we are just enjoying owning our home and not renting. And the space is great!

03 February 2010

My Adorable Niece, Emily

03 February
Emily is one of a kind! She will be 3 in a month and since she was brought into this world by my wonderful sister, she has had a little bit of my heart. Emily was born 2 years to the day that my Nanny passed away, and was born almost to the minute of her death time. It is very eery how that happened because Jessica went into labor on the 1st yet Emily didnt come until almost the midnight on the 2nd. We all waited in the hallway of the waiting room and listened to her yell as she pushed. Then within a half hour of pushing we heard her cry, that wonderful new baby cry. It was wonderful. I was so happy to be an aunt. She was so tiny when she was born that when I held her I was a little shaky. I made sure I had a good hold of her so I couldnt drop her or she couldnt wiggle out.

As she grew and I would visit with her, I bragged and continue to brag about how well she is learning and growing. She is a quick learner and understands more than I could have ever imagined her to understand at her young age. Shes quick with responses and tells you what she thinks and whens hes thinks it.
Here she is around 1 year old

2 years old
Her favorite thing to do is draw and color and be outside. The phrases that come out of her mouth sometimes are unbelievable for a child her age but she speaks very well and clear and makes the converation last forever sometimes.

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