04 February 2010

Our Home

Our home is slowly coming along. We started house shopping last spring. Kenny wanted to be in Back Creek Valley but there were only a few homes there that we liked and were in our price range. We looked at few houses in Inwood, but that was too far from the Valley which is where he wanted to be. In July we went to look at a house on Back Creek Valley Road a little down from his mothers house. In the middle of "I am related to everyone within 2 miles country"

It needed some work, it had sat empty for a while, but it was in the location that we wanted. In September we closed, 3 weeks before giving birth to Ava. Once we closed on the house we began the remodel, painting and changing things. I went into decorating mode. Things slowed down once Ava was born, Kenny had been in the middle of laying tile flooring in our half bath when they induced me. Lucky he knows great people and the floor was actually finished while I was in labor, since that lasted forever.

Once Ava was home and we had a little time to get used to our new schedule, we made time to go back to our new home and finish the painting and laying the laminate wood flooring. Kelly helped him with that and they did a great job.

We spent our one year anniversary packing up the townhouse and preparing to move. We did manage to squeeze in a little time for dinner but it was packing all weekend then we moved in on Monday, November 2nd. And it has honestly felt like home since we walked through the door.

Since we moved in, we still have been trying to fix it up and change things the way we would like it but we are just enjoying owning our home and not renting. And the space is great!

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