7 years..

26 October 2011

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Throughout all this excitement of our little girl coming into the world, I didnt get to share that Kenny and I celebrated 7 years together on the 20th. We went on our first date, seeing a movie, learning alittle bit about each other, and deciding that we wanted to see each other again. It has been 7 years of bliss. I couldnt have asked for a better partner in life to raise our daughters and take care of our household. It has been a wonderful 7 years and I look forward to many more with him.
We didnt do anything to celebrate, I bet he couldnt even tell you the day and how special it is, but we were together, in the hospital holding and caring for Hailey.

Special Birthdays..

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Have I mentioned that both our girls share birthdays with special people in our lives??
Ava shares her birthday with Kenny's step mother Sarita, she has been a part of the family for a long time. It was awesome to have Ava on her birthday.

Hailey shares her birthday with one of my best friends. Alicia and I have been friends since 9th grade. We have been through it all, argued, not spoken, disconnected, reconnected, and now having kids of our own and sharing our experiences to help each other. She has been such a big part of my life. Our kids, all born within months of each other, are a staple in our lives and have brought us closer through the years. I was there for her wedding day, she for mine. I am there for her through a family crisis and she has always had an ear there for me. When I went into labor on the 19th, one of the first things I asked Kenny was to text my sister in law to see if she could let Alicia know I was in labor and this baby might be delivered before midnight, meaning it would be on her birthday. She and I have always made a big deal of our own birthdays, even though we both will turn 28 this year, we both count down, make sure everyone around us knows, and enjoy the time with our family to celebrate the day we came into this world. We are pretty awesome people! LOL

I couldnt have asked for better people for my girls to share their birthdays with.


25 October 2011

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So while I was pregnant with Hailey, lots of people told me lots of advice to keep Ava involved and to not feel neglected with the new baby. We have been doing as much as possible and she has been doing great. She has had a few fits, but honestly she is also going through the terrible 2's. So we have a couple fights on our hands when it comes to her at this point. Nap time and bedtime seem to be the most struggle. Not sure if she is just so excited that Hailey is here she doesnt want to go to sleep or if she thinks she will miss something. Either way she still has to sleep so after a short fight, she usually crashes.

                                               Ava and Hailey on Hailey's first night at home.

                                                        Playtime! We have been trying to put Hailey on the floor and give Ava the opportunity the play with her and the floor time gives Hailey stretch time.

                                                    Hugs and Kisses!

                                                        Laying on the floor, they look so much alike!

                                               She is such a proud BIG SISTER!!!

                                                        Whenever Ava has her, Hailey puts her hand on Ava's and they sit there with each other.

Our Early Surprise....Hailey Grace.....

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Ok, so everyone knew that I was scheduled for my c-section on October 21st at 7:30 am. Well Hailey had other plans it seems. On October 19th I worked my last day, I prepared for my 6 weeks of leave and got all my loose ends together. That day my team took me to lunch to Warm Springs diner and we celebrated the last day and arrival of my little one. It was a really nice lunch and I ate way too much. Shortly after returning to work, I started to not feel well and the heartburn was horrible. I was eating tums like candy and took some pepto. Hailey was super high and not giving me any room. I almost left early, but had soo much to do and didnt want to leave too much for my team to work on. I wanted them to start with a clean desk since I will be out for 6 weeks. I said goodbye to everyone and left around 4. Kenny was working, so I made my way to Becky's and got Ava. Said goodbye to Becky and Aunt Lucy telling them we would let them know when Ava would return.

When Ava and I got home, I still didnt feel the greatest, so we watched a little cartoons and I heated up some leftovers for dinner. Shortly after getting off the phone with Kenny and complaining to him about how horrible I felt and even thought about asking him to come home, I went to the bathroom and here came a little gush. I really didnt think anything of it. About 10 minutes after that gush, came the most horrible belly pains ever. Those started about 6:30 pm on the 19th. I gave it about 20 minutes and decided I needed to let Kenny know, I wasnt sure if this was labor but I knew I wouldnt be able to take care of Ava the rest of the night doubled over in pain. On the phone with Kenny and talking out my symptoms and trying to figure out whether he should come home or not, I remembered my sister in law Erika had about the same thing happen to her, she had went to the bathroom and had some extra fluid. So I called her, and she immediately agreed that I was in labor and offered to come down to help with Ava. Kenny was able to leave work and come home, by then the doctor's office had called back and told me to come to Labor and Delivery. I called my mom and she rushed me off the phone so she and Robbie could gather their things and get off work.

At 9 that evening, my contractions were about 6 minutes apart with sharp pain still trying to keep me doubled over. Erika had helped me keep Ava distracted who by this point was wound up and wild waiting on her nanny to come get her. We had packed Ava's bag and a little bag for me. Kenny and I didnt get too much incase they told us it was false labor or something. I had already been to labor and delivery twice before with sharp pains and then the contractions stopped after a few hours. Mom came and got Ava, who ran to the car and had to be told to give me a kiss goodbye. She was so excited to see Nanny's dogs and play at her house. That excitement made it way too easy for me and Kenny to leave her. When Erika and Mom left, Kenny and I made our way into the hospital.

At 9:30 I was in a room right by the operating room and hooked up to every machine possible. They were measuring contractions. Kenny commented that my contractions were harder than they were with Ava, and I was on potocin with her to help. The contractions finally calmed down a little bit but were still strong. Dr. Anderson came in and checked me. I was 2 cm dilated and everything looked like she was coming one way or another that night. They started the prep work of surgery. We tried to keep everyone updated by text. It was late so I didnt call anyone. Ashley had called dad to let him know and I figured everyone else could know on Thursday. Around 10 pm we were told they would take me to the OR around 11. We looked at each other, it felt like Ava's delivery all over again. Kenny said the same thing I was thinking 'Hailey could be born at the same time as Ava', (which was 11:50 pm).

So after 11 pm on the 19th, I was wheeled into the OR and prepped. Everyone was so kind and sweet. I couldnt have asked for a better group of people on the maternity ward of City Hospital. I was scared and the shakes got bad, but they kept patient with me and kept me calm. I kept an eye on the clock, 11:30, then 11:40, at 11:44pm they announced, its a girl and Hailey was here and screaming, man does she have lungs on her. Kenny went over to the table to be with her while Dr. Anderson and her crew worked at putting me back together.

After what felt like forever, the nurse brought her over to me. She is beautiful, her color and skin perfect. Then Hailey and Kenny went off to the nursery and I took a nap.

Apple Harvest weekend

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So this year we celebrated Apple Harvest the same way we did last year, at my Mom's friends house. She lives right on Queen Street so we couldnt ask for better seats. They make food and there is a bathroom to go to and warm house when I needed to change Ava. My mom and sister Ashley were there so at 38 weeks pregnant I had plenty of help with Ava. She absolutely loved the parade and waved to all the trucks. I love that she didnt get scared of all the noise and people. It was a little cool and windy but nothing to stop us from having a good time.

Ava and Ashley with McGruff the Crime Dog.

                                                   Waiting on the parade, she wasnt too happy with the breaks inbetween different things
                                                 Sitting with Nanny


                                                         Super excited to see it all!!!

The Pumpkin Patch

14 October 2011

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So yay having a 2 year old is fun! We took Ava to Orr's pumpkin patch this past weekend, she had a ball so much fun in fact she threw her first public tantrum when we went to leave.
Kristin Bowers

She walked through the corn maze, collected her pumpkin, then we bought a bag of apples before coming home.

38 weeks....

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Thats right almost there, I am a week away from the c-section. The nerves havent set in yet, I keep waiting for a rush of fear and panic but not yet. I guess it's because I am so behind in preparing her that I dont feel settled yet at home. I am growing, my belly is way bigger than it was with Ava at this point. I am in bigger maternity clothes, but since the swelling has stayed down I am still in maternity clothes instead of in Kenny's.

I have been having some contractions but nothing consistent. One night, I got very excited because they were in my back and about 10 minutes apart but after 2 hours they just disappeared, like they were never there to begin with. I was more upset that it happened at 2 am than anything. All that for nothing and I lost almost 3 hours of sleep on top of it all. And it was in the middle of the week, so I got no sleep and in to work I went with a full load of files. Sometimes it kinda feels like a contraction but I think its just Hailey running out of room. When she moves around sometimes its just tight.

Some good news though, she has moved off of my nerve that was causing me so much pain to walk so now my waddle is a little more normal. At one point it hurt just to sit because she sat on it all the time. I have had a few good days, lots of energy, and not sick on the stomach. I keep calling it the calm before the storm, whether she comes on her own timeline or ours she's coming in a week, so I feel like my body is preparing the way it should.

I cant wait to see my girls together. Ava does very well with other babies but not sure how she will be with a baby that will not be going away after a few hours. I guess only time will tell and that time will be in one week. This pregnancy has passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday we found out that we were pregnant and the morning sickness set in.

I must say that I am so thankful for the scheduled delivery this time. Ava wasnt ready to come out and wouldnt engage at all. She never came down and I took 3 days just to dilate to 9 only to stall. My body wasnt ready for the induction and wouldnt respond to any of the medications to help it do its job. This time, less stress for the baby, Ava's heart went through a bit while on the medications and laboring without any progress. Also I have had no progress at this point. By this time with Ava, I had dilated 1 cm and was thinning out and had lost my mucus plug. I joke that she received the memo and knows she will be coming on the 21st regardless so no point in doing a whole lot but fact of the matter is I think trying for the VBAC would stress me out because then I would be waiting and wanting the progress to happen. As much as I wouldnt mind going into labor a little early, I can wait until its time also.

So in a week, there will be 2 little bowers' girls in the house. It should only get more interesting from here on out. Especially with Ava's personality already.


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So my family is loved by lots of people. My sister in law and sisters threw Hailey a wonderful babyshower then a few weeks later I was surprised at work with one for her. I must say it is a wonderful feeling to know so many people love me and my kids. I had insisted for months not to throw one, I am after all having a child within 2 years of the first one and having the same gender. I am good with clothes and really was just focusing on diapers, wipes, and formula. But everyone kept telling me we had to celebrate Hailey just as we had with Ava.

The showers were both great! I got to spend time with friends and family and talk with everyone. I couldnt ask for more for my kids. Ava even got a few gifts, which I thought was really sweet.