25 October 2011

Apple Harvest weekend

So this year we celebrated Apple Harvest the same way we did last year, at my Mom's friends house. She lives right on Queen Street so we couldnt ask for better seats. They make food and there is a bathroom to go to and warm house when I needed to change Ava. My mom and sister Ashley were there so at 38 weeks pregnant I had plenty of help with Ava. She absolutely loved the parade and waved to all the trucks. I love that she didnt get scared of all the noise and people. It was a little cool and windy but nothing to stop us from having a good time.

Ava and Ashley with McGruff the Crime Dog.

                                                   Waiting on the parade, she wasnt too happy with the breaks inbetween different things
                                                 Sitting with Nanny


                                                         Super excited to see it all!!!

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