Catoctin Zoo

05 August 2011

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We took Ava to the Zoo. She had an absolute wonderful time. She loved the bear, fed the deer and goats, and watched the owls for a little while. I had such a fun time watching her walk around and talk to the animals. It was kinda like our last little family thing before Hailey comes. It was special to take her there, spending the day with her, and focusing on her happiness. I know it is going to be such a balance when there are 2 little girls to please in this household.

The Belly Button

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How many times while you were pregnant did people ask you if you belly button has come out??? Think about it.

I get asked a lot. I think its funny and they enjoy when I pull up my shirt to show them, nope, its still an inny. I will say though that it hurts a lot more and is already more coming out than it was with Ava. I never thought for once that it would pop out or become flat with Ava but with Hailey, I am starting to wonder. I still have 10 weeks to go.

29 weeks

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So yea I have made it to the 3rd and final trimester I will ever be pregnant. I know bummer right? I still bring up a 3rd baby every once in a while but I know Kenny is going to keep saying 2 is enough so I havent brought it up in a while. Well I have finally made it to about 10 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight. Hailey is moving more and more everyday and some days it feels like she is trying to escape. She is still staying fairly low. My hips ache more and more everyday. I have been religious with the pillow in between the legs while sleeping to give my knees and hips a little break on the pressure build up.

I will say that I am excited that I am not swollen yet even with the 100 degree whether and 80% humidity everyday. My fingers and feet are a little puffy by the end of the day but my whole body hasnt joined in yet.

Everyone at work is taking bets whether I will make it to c-section date or not. Many are betting I am going to go into labor early. I am bigger than I was with Ava at this point, doesnt mean I will go into labor any earlier to me, just that Hailey may be a little bigger at birth. My energy has never came back fully like it did with Ava, but now at this point I have Ava to take care of so why should I have any energy. The little bit that I do have is spent chasing my little toddler around the house and tickling. Who needs energy when I get to hear my little angel giggle and belly laugh every day.

I cannot wait. We are now counting down to the c-section and starting to get prepared for Hailey to join our family.

I now go to the OB every 2 weeks. So yay for getting to listen to her heartbeat while she is beating up my insides. I am still having anxiety issues, my OB is confident they will disappear once she is out. There's so much I would love to do now but we still have 10 weeks to go until she is anywhere near being here so I am going to try to hold off. Also whatever I drag out will certainly be consumed by Ava, who will ultimately think it belongs to her. So I will hold off for now. But cannot wait to hold this little girl in my arms.