Hailey Grace

22 June 2011

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Yep thats right, we scheduled an elective ultrasound to find out the gender. We made our way to Gaithersburg just as we did with Ava and enjoyed a 20 minute session of watching this little one move and wiggle while in the womb. Within the first 5 minutes of being on the machine, the tech asked us if we were ready to find out, "Yep". She said it looks like a girl. And pointed out the 3 lines that we were also shown with Ava. Sooooooo excited. Heres some pictures of our beautiful little girl.

20 weeks

07 June 2011

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Yep, already, half way there. The anxiety and sickness are gone!!! I am finally gaining some weight, I am now a whole pound above my pre pregnancy weight. The baby's heartbeat is a strong 156 and growing like a weed.

We had our scheduled 20 week ultrasound. We got to see our baby move a little, he/she showed us a hand. The head is down in my pelvic area, he/she is really low and rarely kicks above my belly button even though it has plenty of room right now to go where it pleases in there. He/she was in a tight fetal position with it's legs tucked up underneath its belly so we didnt get a look to see the gender. That might not be a bad thing. We are actually now thinking of either doing the elective 2d/3d to find out or even just waiting until the end and being surprised. The baby has given us something to think about.

Brooklyn Renee Bowers

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So now I have 2 beautiful nieces. Emily Renee Comer is 4 years old. This past weekend I got to meet Brooklyn Renee Bowers. Her parents, my in-laws, Erika and Kelly Bowers. This little girl made her way into the world I believe as quickly as a first child can. Erika was in labor no more than 12 hours and was cleaned up and in her room by the afternoon. Just at the sight of a picture, I was in love.

Coming in at 20.5 inches, 6 lbs 14 oz, beautiful light brown hair and blue eyes.

Words cannot describe how happy I am for Erika becoming a mom and now putting up with all the fustrations, laughs, cries, puke, baths, feedings, and time just holding Brooklyn to her chest and soothing her with her heartbeat. Those times are magical.

Now it is time to learn Brooklyn's way of doing things. What her cries mean, what her expressions can tell you, when its time to feed, and when its time to give her her space. Newborns are amazing that they come out not able to do alot but able to do so much. Soon Erika and Kelly will just know by a groan what their little girl wants them to do. As trying as the first couple months can be I have all the confidence in them that they will do an awesome job. And they are surrounded by lots of people that love them and their little girl if they ever need anything.

Its going to be a lot of fun being an aunt again. I am able to spoil her but give her back when she begins fussing. It'll be great to see how this little family find their nitch and their way of doing things.

Congrats to Erika and Kelly on becoming parents to Brooklyn Renee. She is beautiful!!!