12 weeks

12 April 2011

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Well I have finally hit 12 weeks, not out of 1st trimester but certainly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My appointment went well. Little peanut was moving around so much it took a few minutes to nail down a heartbeat. But finally the doctor told me 164, yay! A nice healthy heartbeat. It was sweet music to my ears to listen to our 2nd child's heart beating so wonderfully. My sickness has gotten better, the bad days are no longer out numbering the good days. I am still having my anxiety attacks and hot flashes but the doctor told me that was perfectly normal, which I knew but wanted to make sure she was aware. I am still taking the unisom at night. I have tried to go without it and I have felt a little bad during the day so I have decided to keep using it for a few more weeks. With Kenny's schedule I cannot have a bad day when he is at work and I am alone with Ava. She needs me. I am in all maternity now, my waist is slowly expanding. I still havent gained all the weight back from when I was really sick but the doctor wasnt too concerned. Right now I am 6 pounds less than what I was at this time with Ava.

Feeding herself....

03 April 2011

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Ava has been feeding herself for months, but we have been doing stuff like dry cereal, snacks, fruit, but nothing too much, well these past few weeks as her cordination is getting better and she is getting older, we have let her go a little. She needs to learn one day how to feed herself the messy stuff so why not now. I figure it will be a little easier as summer is approaching because I can let her run around with her diaper on and just throw her in the tub once she is done. Here are some photos of spaghetti nights we have had and let her fed herself with the spaghetti in a bowl and a spoon/fork. It has been been fun to watch her.