25 October 2011


So while I was pregnant with Hailey, lots of people told me lots of advice to keep Ava involved and to not feel neglected with the new baby. We have been doing as much as possible and she has been doing great. She has had a few fits, but honestly she is also going through the terrible 2's. So we have a couple fights on our hands when it comes to her at this point. Nap time and bedtime seem to be the most struggle. Not sure if she is just so excited that Hailey is here she doesnt want to go to sleep or if she thinks she will miss something. Either way she still has to sleep so after a short fight, she usually crashes.

                                               Ava and Hailey on Hailey's first night at home.

                                                        Playtime! We have been trying to put Hailey on the floor and give Ava the opportunity the play with her and the floor time gives Hailey stretch time.

                                                    Hugs and Kisses!

                                                        Laying on the floor, they look so much alike!

                                               She is such a proud BIG SISTER!!!

                                                        Whenever Ava has her, Hailey puts her hand on Ava's and they sit there with each other.

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