14 October 2011

38 weeks....

Thats right almost there, I am a week away from the c-section. The nerves havent set in yet, I keep waiting for a rush of fear and panic but not yet. I guess it's because I am so behind in preparing her that I dont feel settled yet at home. I am growing, my belly is way bigger than it was with Ava at this point. I am in bigger maternity clothes, but since the swelling has stayed down I am still in maternity clothes instead of in Kenny's.

I have been having some contractions but nothing consistent. One night, I got very excited because they were in my back and about 10 minutes apart but after 2 hours they just disappeared, like they were never there to begin with. I was more upset that it happened at 2 am than anything. All that for nothing and I lost almost 3 hours of sleep on top of it all. And it was in the middle of the week, so I got no sleep and in to work I went with a full load of files. Sometimes it kinda feels like a contraction but I think its just Hailey running out of room. When she moves around sometimes its just tight.

Some good news though, she has moved off of my nerve that was causing me so much pain to walk so now my waddle is a little more normal. At one point it hurt just to sit because she sat on it all the time. I have had a few good days, lots of energy, and not sick on the stomach. I keep calling it the calm before the storm, whether she comes on her own timeline or ours she's coming in a week, so I feel like my body is preparing the way it should.

I cant wait to see my girls together. Ava does very well with other babies but not sure how she will be with a baby that will not be going away after a few hours. I guess only time will tell and that time will be in one week. This pregnancy has passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday we found out that we were pregnant and the morning sickness set in.

I must say that I am so thankful for the scheduled delivery this time. Ava wasnt ready to come out and wouldnt engage at all. She never came down and I took 3 days just to dilate to 9 only to stall. My body wasnt ready for the induction and wouldnt respond to any of the medications to help it do its job. This time, less stress for the baby, Ava's heart went through a bit while on the medications and laboring without any progress. Also I have had no progress at this point. By this time with Ava, I had dilated 1 cm and was thinning out and had lost my mucus plug. I joke that she received the memo and knows she will be coming on the 21st regardless so no point in doing a whole lot but fact of the matter is I think trying for the VBAC would stress me out because then I would be waiting and wanting the progress to happen. As much as I wouldnt mind going into labor a little early, I can wait until its time also.

So in a week, there will be 2 little bowers' girls in the house. It should only get more interesting from here on out. Especially with Ava's personality already.

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