07 February 2010

A Very Snowy Weekend...

Friday morning Kenny went to work and I went to work and Ava went to Beckys. My morning started normal as usual until we got an email telling us we were to leave the building at 11am and it was a direct order not an option, by the time we got the email, our supervisor was telling us they had changed their minds and we were to be out by 10:36am. So I finished up my work and headed out. I picked Ava up from Beckys and got home around 11:30. This is what my driveway looked like then.
Around 2pm I took around round of pictures and started to wonder when Erika was gonna get here. The roads were covered and I knew the mountain would be horrible.
Ava played while I took pictures and cleaned up a little.
Erika got here around 4:30 and I was happy to have her. Kenny was working and I knew with the 30 inches they were calling for, there was no way he was coming home. She made herself comfortable and we made dinner and played with Ava.

We went to bed Friday night worrying about losing power and being stuck here, but we woke up on Saturday with power and were happy. But the scene outside was full of snow and it was still falling. Kenny and Kelly both were stuck at the station.

(and it kept falling)

Ava had a ball. She had me and Erika at her beck and call. She played and talked and yelled. She was with me walking around then Erika playing.

I managed to put her bouncey toy together that we got for a baby shower gift. She likes it but is a little short for it but I figure she's growing so one day shell get it.

We spent a little time on our bed just to break up the day. She loves sitting on our bed. Her whole face lights up and she will go from a wining mood to a great bubbly mood just laying on our bed. She sat and talked for about 20 minutes. She was happy.

Sunday morning, Kelly came to shovel Erika's car out and a friend came and plowed our driveway. Kenny and I are so thankful for it because there is no way we could have shoveled all that.

Kelly cleaned Erika's car then mine off. Truly a blessing to have such great family. Especially with Kenny still at work it is great to know someone cares to help us.
Erika went home with her hubby and Ava and I spent the afternoon laying in bed watching tv.

And this face is just priceless. I looked at her and said "Ava we may never get out!" and this is the face I was given.

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