13 February 2010

The Sweetest Sound

This past week has consisted of me at home with Ava. It felt like a second maternity leave. We played and spent the whole week together. She smiles so much and is generally a happy baby unless the belly is empty or the diaper is wet. Yesterday during a moment of silliness, I was bouncing her on my knees and making funny faces while making weird noises and she giggled. Kenny and I looked at one another. Yes it was a giggle. Then I kept on with the funny faces and weird noises and here it came, her first belly laugh. It was so adorable. She had laughed or giggled I should say, before for my sister and for Kenny but this laugh was a good loud 'you're too funny' laugh. It melted my heart. And one of the best things about it was that Kenny was there to hear and share. I can't wait to get it on video to have for her to hear some day.

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