15 February 2010

Valentines Day

Kenny and I have never made a big deal about Valentines Day. Our First Valentines Day in 2005 was the most special to me just because it was our first. We had dinner and Kenny bought me roses. I believe that there shouldnt be just one day of the year that you show your husband how much you love him. Throughout our relationship I have always tried to show Kenny that he is important to me. I leave him notes and make him cards, I try to make him his favorite things and if I am out shopping and I see something I know he would like, I buy it for him, just because.

Valentines Day as nice as a concept as it is, just doesnt get to me like it does most women. Our life is pretty simple, we take care of one another and we take care of our daughter. Now if I get a gift 'yay for me' if not then I am not going to try to make him feel bad for forgetting or not caring. He does plenty for me throughout the entire year that I just love spending a quiet evening at home with him and Ava and that would satify me. The best gift he has given me is our life together and our baby girl.

(Ava and Daddy being silly)

(Mommy and Ava)
The past 2 years Kenny has actually worked on Valentines Day and I have spent that day with my dad, who didnt even know it was Valentines Day until I told him. Men. I figure if we are going to celebrate any day its going to be my BIRTHDAY and Kenny has always made a big deal about that with me.

(her new favorite thing to do..stick out her tongue at everyone)
Ava had a pretty good day though, my mom bought her a bear with a sweater on it that was pink and Kenny's mom bought her a cute yellow long pants outfit. I figure from now on, this holiday is about our love for Ava and the love between us that brought her into this world. Its not about flowers or candies.

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