19 February 2010


I had the IUD Mirena inserted December 11, 2009. I decided to have the IUD placed because I have had bad reactions to several different pills. I thought that this would be a easy way to protect myself and regulate without having to remember the pill everyday. I would love another baby but not yet, I couldnt imagine trying to keep up with my active 5 month old and battling morning sickness. A friend of mine had hers placed more than a year or two ago and loves it.

About a month ago I began feeling sick and thought 'oh no' and took a pregnancy test...negative...hmmmm...but sick every morning for a week or so. Then my leg muscles began to ache, really for no reason, just sitting on the couch, they would ache so bad I would have to take alieve. My hair had been slowly coming out but the doctor told me that was normal with my hormones going back to normal and all that wonderful thick hair I had received while pregnant was shedding. Well I began losing gobs of it and soon my thick hair was strangely thin. I havent had thin hair since I was around 2 years old.

As time went on, I felt more blah! I didnt want to do much of anything and had no energy. I felt bad all the time with bloating and pain in my side and a DULL headache that has been with me since December 11th. So I began researching. I knew there were side effects, but could I really be dealing with all of them? The research I found scared me, there was message board after message board of women that have been dealing with the same things I have been.

So I decided it was coming out. Nothing is worth what I had been dealing with. Yesterday around 3:30 my doctor removed the IUD and guess what? Most of those symptoms including my 3 month long headache was gone by 8 pm. My doctor believes that either I was allegric to it, which wouldnt surprise me or my body rejected the foreign object. Either way it is out and I am happy. I even have some energy and actually did a few things in the evening besides play with Ava and play on the internet. And I was up longer than 8pm. I hadnt seen 9pm in a long time. I just felt so worn down.

I am not going to discourage anyone from getting it because it could work of someone else but just didnt work for me.

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