03 March 2010

Patton-The newest Member of the Bowers Family

We have adopted a puppy from our cousins Davey and Sara Pappas. Their dog Daisy delivered 11 puppies unfortunely one passed leaving them with 10 puppies to raise. They were born the weekend before my birthday in December. They were a couple days old when we made our way to their house to take a look at them. They are coon hound/chocolate lab mix but most of them look like black labs.

With all this snow and bad weather we have not been able to pick him up but finally the weather is good enough Kenny went and got him this past weekend. I must stay it was love at first sight for Ava and Patton. We put Ava on the floor and encouraged Patton to come to her. The first night together was a little shaky for him, getting used to a new home and being away from his family. But his bond with Ava I think was immediate. She was crying for a bottle and he starting wining. If Ava was on the couch, then Patton was on the floor by the couch.

Patton has now been a part of our family for 4 days and I think he is finally getting that he is not going anywhere, he is getting comfortable running around the house, following us everywhere and getting under our feet. We are crate training along wtih trying to teach him not to pee all over my house. Soooo it should be fun. Its like having two 5 month olds in the house. But they will grow together and love each other and take care of one another. Patton is already so protective of her, I love it. Last night when I took her back to her bed for the night, he started looking around for her and wining. Im sure it wont be long when she gets older that he is right there beside her bed, if not in her bed....

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