05 March 2010

My First Night with Patton without Kenny

So last night was my first night while Kenny worked that I had Ava and Patton all to myself. Boy, was it tiring. Patton wants just as much attention as any other puppy would want but has to share that with Ava. But I think I did pretty well. Ava fell asleep as usual on the way home so I ran in and grabbed Patton and tied him outside before taking her inside. That way he wouldnt start howling and wake her up. I let him stay outside about a half hour while I played with Ava.

Once he was inside, I made sure he had food and water and let him play a little. I tried to keep the boundaries between him and Ava. He still has sharp nails that need to be cut and he's starting to nibble at her. But she wants him just as bad as he wants her so I bent her down to him so she could pet him, however she grabbed his hair and had a tight grip. So I ended up smacking his nose for the nibbling and tapping her fingers trying to teach her you dont pull the dogs hair.

Ava's bedtime is usually somewhere between 7-730, so around 630, I had Patton go back outside for a while so I could feed Ava her bottle in peace. She ate and feel asleep. So I put her in bed, turned on her monitor and went out to get Patton. He was very excited to see me and had wrapped his leash all the way around the tree so I spent what seemed like forever in the cold untangling him and the leash.

I spent about 45 minutes with him, he followed me around the house while I got Ava's bag together for the next day. He followed me into the room everytime I went in to check on her. He watched me change into my pj's and clean her bottles. He was right there for everything, right underneath my feet. He wined everytime I left the room without him but would eventually find me and wag his tail in excitement.

Soon it was his bedtime and mine. We were all tucked away and snoozing by 8pm.

This morning as soon as my alarm went off at 5:30 I thought how am I going to get all 3 of us ready and out the door by 6:45. Sooooo I got up....

I made sure not to disturb Ava and had her sleep as long as she could. I put Patton outside around 600 and began getting ready for work while Ava who had woke up by then was playing on the bed...laughing, rolling, and talking....

I left Patton out there for about 20 minutes, howling and barking the whole time, he sounded as if someone was stabbing him. He acts as if we have left him for dead when I just dont want him pooping in my house.

He got a chance to play with Ava, who was super excited to see him. Again, I was smacking his nose and her fingers. And they were just looking at me like 'What? I just wanna play!"

I put Ava in her walker while I went out to start the Jeep. I figure she's not on the floor but sitting up in the chair so maybe he wont bother her as much while I run outside for a minute, well the goofball followed me out to the kitchen and I thought "Well good maybe he'll stay here while I'm outside and I dont have to worry about his chewing on her"

NOPE...he followed me out to the Jeep, wined while I started it and jumped on me twice for attention and to be pet then back in the house the both of us went. I was worried he'd run..no leash, no fence...but he stayed right at my feet. So at least Ava wasnt being bothered.

He went into his crate before I left for Becky's with Ava and he was not howling when I left so hopefully he is getting used to the schedule. Hopefully he'll learn that he will be let out of the crate when someone gets home and relax while he's in there.

So my first night and morning while Kenny worked wasnt too bad. I am hoping as we can continue to work with him and he gets more and more used to the "Rules of the House" it'll get better. Puppies can be challenging but so is Ava at times. I am glad we have both of them now to grow up together and to take care of one another. And if I am going to be teaching my 5 month old stuff such as crawling and sitting up on her own and talking, might as well spend the time teaching a puppy to go to the door before peeing on my kitchen floor and to not chew on the furniture and to hopefully follow a few simple commands.

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