13 July 2017

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Read:: Ultimate Game Changer by Kira Adams

This book had many good points but at times it was frustrating. I kept thinking, "why is Emerson still chasing after a man that is still whoring around?" I wouldn't want to keep chasing a man that sleeps with everything that is walking around. On top of that I kept wondering why her brother is so in her business but he can do anything he wants. I guess its that age old double standard that no woman understands.

Braxton is in Emerson's brother's band. They have also been neighbors since she moved in with her aunt after her parents died. They have a lot of history, a playful relationship, and when she decides she would like to move to the next level, Braxton is very hesitate. I didn't blame him at all, do you really want to ruin a 10 year friendship if it doesn't work out?

The back and forth will make your head spin but eventually it all comes together. They realize that sometimes your best friend is the best thing for you in relationship.

He's my brother's best friend.

When my parents died, a part of me died along with them. Nothing mattered anymore; everything lost its meaning. I lived my life in moments, good and bad, but somewhere along the way, I stopped living.

We only had each other, and Cade, he did a hell of a job looking after me. They doubted we could make it; they doubted our resolve.

Braxton has lived next door to us ever since we moved in with my aunt after the horrific accident. Cade took to him so quickly; they've been inseparable ever since. Their favorite pastime? Torturing me. But something has shifted between us recently, and I'm seeing him in a whole new light now. I know my brother will never accept it, but he's drawing me in like a moth

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