13 July 2017

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Read:: Catching Caroline (Silver Falls Book 1) by Megan Nugen Isbell

I absolutely love the whole 'off limits little sister' story. Its one of my favorites and Megan certainly doesn't disappoint. Adam returns to his hometown to escape the city and fame of being a professional baseball player. He has been injured and needs some time to recover. Slinging cow manure and catching up with old friends is just want he thinks he needs.

Caroline has been placed in this protective bubble of Silver Falls and by her older brother. She has been dumped by her boyfriend of forever and has no clue how to be just her. I related a lot to this character since once upon a time I thought the high school boyfriend would stick around forever myself. Funny how we get ourselves thinking that everything is 'perfect' when its just us ignoring the bad to try to make it work for the best.

Adam fights his attraction to Caroline but he also sends mixed signals while doing it. He flirts and is nice then the next minute he's cold and running the other direction. Caroline isn't as experienced has he is and really doesn't know what he wants from her.

When he finally decides to jump with both feet in, these two are great together. The passion is felt, the love is there, and Megan again takes us on a ride. I love her writing style, the way she sucks you into a story. She makes you fall in love with the characters.

Caroline Hale has lived in Silver Falls, Vermont her entire life. The small town is quiet and safe and the only home Caroline has ever known. Nothing ever changes in Silver Falls. At least that’s what Caroline thinks until it does. What she expected to be a typical summer, turns out to be one she will never forget when Adam DeLain suddenly returns to Silver Falls.

Since they were kids, Adam and Caroline’s brother have been best friends, but it’s been years since Caroline has seen him, not since he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and embarked on a career in baseball, leaving his hometown behind.

Caroline doesn’t know why Adam has suddenly come home, but she knows neither of them is the same person they were all those years ago when Adam disappeared from their lives. He’s no longer just her brother’s best friend and she’s no longer a little girl.

What will happen when the worlds of a baseball player and a girl from the small town he left behind come together, truly seeing each other for the first time? Find out in Catching Caroline, the first book in the Silver Falls Series.

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