13 July 2017

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Read:: Kicking Reality by Kat T. Masen

Logan and Emerson are cute. They are feisty. They are complicated. They take the long and winding road to get to each other.

Emerson being under contract ties their hands, the attraction is there however she cannot move forward any. She is held tight to make her life look golden to the executives. Her fiancé is all about the cameras and he will do anything to keep his life the way it is.

Logan has known Emerson all his life, the annoying little sister type. Until one night that changes. The chemistry is explosive with these two. They have a lot of stops in between it all working out, but I loved that fight  that had to be won before it all evened out.


Everyone thinks they know who I am. I’m that reality TV star that fell in love with co-star Wesley Rich. But reality wasn’t my life. It was the life I lived in front of the cameras.
A life designed to entertain millions of watchers each Monday night.

It only took one night to relive my past, and one night to forget my future. With someone who had been there all along.


Soccer is my life—it’s in my blood.
I train hard, I play hard, and I win. Nothing will break my focus.

I should have been able to avoid it, resist the temptation. But it’s there, playing every Monday night, an obsession I can’t seem to shake.

And I don’t know what was harder: hiding it from my best friend, or watching the woman I want live a life with someone else.

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