07 May 2017

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Read:: Choosing You (A Cedarville Novel #3) by Bree Kraemer

I think Anthony is my favorite out of this series. He was sweet, domineering, and caring. He was soft when he needed to be soft but when it came down to it, he was Carly's rock. He took control when he needed to. He lead the direction of their relationship allowing Carly time when she needed it but also pushing when she took too long. 

Carly was a mess. Girly has a jacked up past that is still holding her back at 28. Carly ignores everything until her past is sitting right in front of her at the dance studio. She freaks out of course but her friends and Anthony is there for her. She may be almost 30 at this point but I think Carly grew up as an adult in this book more so than the rest of her years.

The friends as usual are right in the middle of everything happening. They cracked me up during all 3 books to how open, honest, and nosey they all are with each other. Even the guys gossip about it. 
Leah’s jaw hit the floor. “Holy mother of baby Jesus. It’s about damn time. Tell me about the kiss? Was it hot? It had to be hot. There is no way Tony doesn’t kiss hot.”“Would you like to tell the story?” Carly sat back

Anthony and Carly finally get their moment and the chemistry is hot. They are so good for each other. They work together as a team well, they figure out where they are lacking together, and even when they screw up its quickly resolved. 

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Carly Graham had chosen the life she lived. And she liked it. She had the best friends a girl could ask for and a loving family that would help with anything. Falling in love was not something she'd longed for. Not since college. 

Until Anthony.

He was bossy and arrogant and goaded her whenever he had the chance. So why was it then, when he walked into a room, the world felt normal again. Except for her racing heart. The same heart that had cracked into a million pieces years before. Pieces she had carefully swept under the rug and kept hidden.

Just when she was ready to deal with her feelings for him, life threw another curve ball at her, forcing her to make a choice. A choice that would change, not only her life but the life of her friends and family. 

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