07 May 2017

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Read:: Capturing Us, A Cedarville Novel (Book #2) by Bree Kraemer

Logan and Melanie have been friends for a long time. She is seen as a sister to him. Until one day she is attacked and Logan's protective instincts kick in and his heart catches up to his brain. 

Logan cannot figure out why Melanie is being so mean to him. Melanie cant figure out why all of a sudden Logan is really stuck to her side. Melanie has been attracted to Logan for a long time. She has endured him leaving for work and not being around. She has tried to date. She has tried to move on. 

These two have a lot of work. They have a lot of issues to work out. Melanie doesnt want Logan to hate her for not traveling, Logan wants to be home. Yet communication isnt there. 

Bree gives us a great story of two people learning each other even though they knew each other. She also have another great lead in to the third book of the series. All of our favorite people are in this one and have a lot of involvement in Logan and Melanie pairing up. 

Melanie has a problem and that problem’s name is Logan Graham. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember even though he drives her crazy at times. For years, his job took him away from Cedarville weeks and months at a time, allowing her to put him out of her mind and live her life. She’s happy. Content. And trying to move on. But now he’s back, and this time he plans to stay, making her long for things she knows she can’t have. Or could she? It seems like maybe, just maybe he feels the same way about her. Making her question everything. Turned on more than ever she wonders why now? Return to Cedarville in this fun, sexy new story about friendship, love and everything in between.

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