07 May 2017

# opinion # read

Read:: Loved You Always by Natalina Reis

Childhood friends. Falling out. Back in Town. Serious relationship. Moved on. Childhood friend wants more. Feelings are Hurt. Feelings are Confused. Boyfriend gets dumped. Childhood friends move forward. 

Emily and Jeremy get their happy ending but boy does it come with a big price. So much happens that it take them a long time to get to a happy place that they can actually talk about being together. I did feel bad for Emily's boyfriend, he was strung along while she had these feelings, but she rectified that. 

I loved the cover. It got me as always. 

The last person Emily Rose expects to reconnect with is Jeremy Peter, her childhood best friend. When Jem walks back into her perfectly settled life, Em puts up her guard. She has no desire to place her heart on the line again.

She’s moved on and is in a serious relationship with someone else. But the universe—and her kooky sister—have other ideas.

Thrust into an unexpected and dangerous adventure together, Em is forced to confront her unresolved feelings for Jem and decide what kind of life she really wants. That is if they both survive.

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