09 January 2017

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Read:: Sinner by Aubrey Irons

This was a fun rollercoaster of a ride to be a part of. Eva is a preacher's daughter. She is supposed to follow a line. She is supposed to marry well within the church. She is supposed to not speak out, speak up, speak back, and to do as she is told. WRONG! 

This story shows us that sometimes family expectations are too high or unrealistic for the person. Eva just wants to find herself. She isn't given any opportunity for that. Her father is over the top with his actions. 

Rowan, a preachers son, has a more liberal family. They are close knit and have been through a few things that have tore them apart to bring them back closer than ever. Rowan is a dive bar owner, trying to make it on his own at almost 30. He has his hands in some things that they shouldn't be but he is trying to take care of himself the best way he knows how. 

Eva and Rowan meet when Eva's family comes to help Rowan's family with a building to be built for the homeless. Rowan knows Eva is forbidden, that she is pure, and that only wants him to get to know her more. 

These two melted me. They really got the raw end of the deal towards the end. I thought it wouldn't happen for them but Eva's mom really surprises everyone with making a move that will help Eva be a stronger woman. 

I’m going to make this angel fall from grace.

She’s my sweet temptation. The apple in the garden. Original sin.

Prim, proper, preacher’s daughter, saving-herself-for-marriage Evangeline Ellis.

She’s too inexperienced. Too innocent. Too pure.

But I’m going to take that pristine purity and I’m going to make it filthy with lust. I’m going to make it mine, and she’s going to beg me for more.

She’s only in Shelter Harbor for a few weeks. Her father’s already promised her to a man she’s never even met.

But she’s down the street from my bar, tempting me every time I think about her, and I’m losing my power to resist.

The hell with the consequences, with her being off-limits, and with her being promised to someone else.

I’d say someone should have warned her about a guy like me, but then, someone did.

I warned her.

If this is a sin, take me to hell, because I’ll be damned if I let her go.

**This is a standalone book (approx. 75,000 words) with a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER!**

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