07 January 2017

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Read:: Thurst by Victoria Ashley

This book was different from my norm.

This story shares Calla's relationship with a man who has a phobia to relationships. A woman broke his heart years ago and he refuses to allow another one to get near his heart again. He loves having a casual no strings type of relationship that doesn't get messy. 

Kyan, poor dumb Kyan, believes that he will remain all the rest of his days after his love Jessica cheats and gets pregnant by his best friend Bryant. He thinks that he is upon the mighty powers that put heart to heart. 

Hunter, Kyan's brother, well he swoops in causes trouble for Kyan and then swoops away. He was fun and light during some pretty emotional stuff. 

Calla has always been the relationship type until Kyan offers her something new and exciting. She decides she'll try it until her heart cannot take it anymore. The funny part about this whole thing is that she keeps calling herself stupid for falling for Kyan however keeps going back. I cant blame her, but I shook my head at her more than once. 

The relationship gets a bit sticky once Hunter and Calla decide they would like to venture out together. Hunter is a long lost high school crush that Calla gets to finally taste after not seeing him in years. Hunter is in for the game, keeps it straight for Calla, and then uses his ways to bring Calla and Kyan back together. 

I loved Kyan's break down of his feelings, it wasn't too over the top or dramatic, it was a simple mental breakdown and process that had to be completed before he could face that yes he did allow himself to fall in love with someone.  This one can pull at your heart strings.

I read the audible. The audible was great. Those that were the voices did amazing at making you feel like you were there with them at times. They were believable in the reactions, feelings, and situations each character was placed in.

I never expected to be that girl. The one desiring the touch of two brothers and being thrust into a world of intense pleasure. Not in reality anyway.
Both of these brothers are out to please and they both have the equipment to do it. The Wilder brothers have proved that.
Kyan Wilder f - ks like no other man I've ever experienced. He's rough, creative and still willing to be gentle when you need it. He's every single woman's desire brought to life and he's not willing to let me go until he's done pleasing me in every possible way he can.
Hunter Wilder is a loose cannon. He likes to party, get wild and then show you a good time in the bedroom. He keeps me pleased and reminds me that I'm still young and not everything in life needs to be so serious.
We're all fine with sharing. Things are going smoothly. It saves the brothers from having to commit and it ensures that I'll always get the sexual satisfaction that I desire. I mean what girl doesn't dream of having sex with the two most sinfully sexiest brothers to walk this earth?
Well, I didn't...until I got a taste.
But then I remembered that nothing this good lasts forever.

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