10 January 2017

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Read:: Blurry: A Bama Boys Prequel by Carina Adams

Blurry is Lia and Craig's story and I have to say I loved it. Lia is a teenager trying to find her way into the world, while Craig is a 20 year teacher just about to be set out into the world. Both think they got it all together but really they are both so young that they have a lot to learn. 

During their story Carina shows how much they need to learn and how they grow together and apart. In the adult world a 5 year gap is nothing but when you have a 'child' and a 'teacher' it makes a world of difference. These two though had that connection. They had that gravitational pull that just kept putting them together.  Lia is more mature when it comes to the others her age. She is already an adult in so many other ways, providing for herself working, taking care of herself at home, and making sure that the bills are paid. 

Craig is younger than most first year teachers, finishing his degree, and trying to be an adult. He is in a long term relationship that is being pressured towards marriage while being attracted to a student. He is being pulled in a lot of directions. 

Carina does the best job at keeping that line straight, there isnt a lot of wishy washy immature writing or thinking. Lia knows what she is doing could caught Craig his position at the school. Craig knows the girls in the school will eat Lia alive if the relationship is discovered. Carina also takes us through years of life so that we no longer have a student and teacher but two people who fell in love at the wrong time. We get to see that ending and how it is fought for by Craig. 


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Cecelia Merrill was used to being on her own. Lost and lonely, Lia couldn’t wait to graduate and watch her judgmental little town fade behind her. All she had to do was survive three more years of high school, and she was free. She wouldn’t let anything hold her back.

Craig Knightly had almost achieved what no one in his family had before – all he had to do was complete his student-teaching assignment, and in less than a year, he would have a college degree. He was ready to put down roots and start his life. Nothing was going to stand in the way of his dreams.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment for everything you thought you wanted to change. 

A student and her teacher. A coach and his athlete. An unexpected friendship. Forbidden feelings between an unlikely pair.

Neither is playing a game they can win.

Full length standalone prequel. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older

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