18 May 2016

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Read:: Reflection by Lisa Sommers

Lisa is becoming a favorite fast. I was introduced to her by Matthew Hosea Inked Model because she had chosen him to be on the cover of Wishbone (Game on Trilogy Book One). I loved the cover and then read the book. I waited for the next book, waited impatiently for Derek's story.

Derek and Chelsea meet when Allie starts dating Shane. Chelsea likes to keep men at arms length and has guys that she hooks up with on a regular basis. Derek feels more, wants more, demands more. Derek's emotions were so well written fighting for Chelsea  and Chelsea's heartbreak from another relationship was so detailed that at 37% I stopped, took a breather, actually emailed Lisa and told her WOW!!

Chelsea got me with this one line: But there is just one problem. Bryce and my baby. BABY!! I took a deep breath and thought what the hell happened to her baby, where is this baby, who the crap is Bryce. I had a bad feeling in my belly. Chelsea is a strong female that finally has that moment. I think we all know it. That moment when its up to our necks and we need a break. We decide to let it flow out of us and to actually put that weight on someone else.

"Baby, talk to me. Who did this to you? Who broke your heart so bad that you're crying such sad tears at what should be a happy moment?" He asks, but I still cannot talk. I keep my fists wound so tight that our bodies pull together so close and the heat from our bodies is felt right through the fabric of our clothes. "Shhh," he rubs my back, pulling me even closer, if that's possible. "Just Relax. I'm sorry. We don't need to talk right now."--are you crying yet, are you upset with them, you should be because I kinda was.

Just when Chelsea hits that moment, when she realizes that she needs to let her heart open up, she thinks that she's lost him.

Lisa does such a wonderful job allowing you to feel what these characters are feeling, puts you right there in the room with them, and its real life problems. Its not instant, its not so far of the grid it could never happen.

When Derek realizes that Chelsea had a troubled life before him, heartbreak that no mother should feel, he goes to her and holds her.

Derek couldn't be any sweeter, never have had a male character be sweet, alpha, and gentle all in one and do it so well.

If you haven't started this series, what are you waiting for?? I have given you so many reasons to one click!


*** Author's Note *** Mature adult 18+ only.

From the novel, Wishbone, we have Reflection, continuing with the lives of Chelsea Hodges and Derek Huntington in book two from the Game On trilogy.

When her passionate, white-hot, no strings attached relationship turns serious, Chelsea’s tragic past self-sabotages her future, propelling Derek on a voyage of discovery to win her back.

With her spiral of emotions dragging her even deeper than before, will Derek make it to Chelsea in time before it’s too late?

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