18 May 2016

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Read:: The After of Us by S.R. Grey

I am a huge fan of S.R. Grey. The writing style works with my style of reading, it flows. This book shortly followed ‘Southern Pleasure’ and I felt like it was single father week. To watch these men take responsibility and take care of their children is something that I love reading. Fathers do not get the recognition that they deserve and in most books it’s a single mother that meets a man willing to take on a family.

Will is trying to get out of his mother’s house and move on to the big time. He wants it all, big house, big money, and a new life away from Las Vegas. On the night of his goodbye to his friends, his on again off again girlfriend stops by with a 5 year old girl claiming he is the father.

It was funny to watch him have no experience with kids and trying to figure it out. This child in many ways was probably more mature than him at this stage. She has put up with a druggie for a mother, being left at people’s houses, and having to be quiet so she have a place to stay. He has no clue what she’s been through. He immediately thinks of his brother and his family to help him with his newly found daughter.

He has all these ideas of what life should be, but by the middle of the book he starts getting it. He starts seeing that family and his daughter are more important than any career with the top salary.

He is thrown back in contact with an old crush. Emma is a sweet woman, a teacher, and has such a caring heart. Although it is beaten up a little by Will who is still determined many times to get to the life he feels he deserves, she is patient with him. These two along with his daughter had me cracking up, had my heart pounding, and had me ready to throw Will out the window. R.S. as always has done a great job at showing real people, real issues, and giving us a happy ending.

Can the ending of one dream lead to the beginning of a new one?
Will Gartner made a lot of mistakes in the past, but he finally has his life together. Leaving his reckless teenage years behind, he's recently graduated from college and is all set to move from Las Vegas to New York to start a prestigious new job. But when an unexpected guest shows up at his farewell party, all Will's dreams are smashed to pieces. Suddenly, he's taking a crash course in how to be a father to the five-year-old daughter he never knew existed.

Will changes direction and heads to Harmony Creek, Ohio, and the only person who's ever really been there for him, his brother Chase. Chase saved Will in the past, but will he rescue him yet again? Some lessons--like fatherhood--can only be learned by doing. Is Will up to the challenge?

And where does Emma Metzger fit into Will's suddenly upside-down world? Emma knows all about his troubled past and sees his hesitation to commit to his new daughter. How can she commit her heart to a man who doesn't know what the word means?

Chase always told Will "Follow your heart. Always try to be a good man." But will following his heart be enough for his daughter, and for Emma?

The After of Us is a story about letting go of old dreams, and, in the process, discovering what you really needed to make you happy was right there in front of you all along.

The After of Us is a spin-off of the Judge Me Not series and a standalone novel.

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