14 February 2016

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Read:: Wishbone by Lisa Sommers

So he got me again, Matthew Hosea is tagged in a book cover, I am one clicking, this goofy, America loving, country boy, Navy guy is Shane.

Shane is a baseball player traveling from his sick dads back to his team when he is seated next to Alli. Alli is running from a terrible relationship, like literally running, like left when the jerk was at work and has no clue shes on a plane right now running. You cant help but give her a fist pump for leaving a bad situation. 

One thing I have to say that I was peeved about is, who throws away any piece of clothing without checking the pockets!! I know, it makes the story, she has no clue he has falling head over heels for her but still the only thing I could think was how freaking dumb of her. 

They are brought back together through friends, jobs, and a 2nd chance, however Alli has met someone else and although she isn't too sure about this budding relationship she is trying. 

I really enjoyed this light read, nothing too serious was going on, nothing tragic really happened, and they finally talk about their feelings. I cannot wait to read Derek's story. 

I have already looked up Ms. Sommers to read her other works and then to patiently wait for more. Matthew may not think he's doing a lot in this modeling world but he has already introduced me to like 4 or 5 new authors, and I have really enjoyed their books. 

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***Author's note*** Mature adult 18+ only. 
This novel is a work of fiction and contains strong sexual situations. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

This can be read as a standalone and has an HEA ending. 

Believing in the odds on the outcome of a wishbone, Alli closes her eye’s and makes a wish. 

There comes a time when enough is enough. Beautiful but broken-hearted, Alli Bane was picking up the pieces of her shattered life when she met Chris during a layover in Dallas. His heated flirtations peeled back her scheduled, prim and proper demeanor, leading to a night of passion like she had never known. And then he was gone. 

Chris, a.k.a. Shane McCall, ace pitcher for the San Diego Sun Devils, fell head-over-heels with her. Due to unexpected circumstances, Shane loses all contact with Alli until he spots her on the kiss-cam during his last game of the season. 

Reuniting with Alli does not go as well as expected when he finds her with another man. Determined to make her realize that she is the one for him, Shane pulls out all the stops when he makes it his mission to win her over. Game on . . . 

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