14 November 2015

What device is used?

I am just curious, I am a kindle and amazon girl. My wonderful husband bought me a kindle for our anniversary as soon as they were on sale and I was hooked. Before this kindle thing was invented and distributed to the public, I had a very hard time reading. I love real books, grew up reading and have devoured books for my entire life however with little ones, work, and giving your husband some attention, not a lot of time. My husband may regret this little gift since now I am reading a lot, I get consumed with the book and must finish. 

I am loving being able to ignore the world at bedtime and read. I love my kindle, recently updating to the Fire Tablet and also using the app on my phone.  

So what is your favorite device to read on? Do you think one is better than the other? Do you recommend to others? 

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