15 November 2015

Favorite Author? Go To when in a slump??

So do you have an author that even though you have hundreds of books on your device or on your bookshelf, that you can re read over and over again?

The first author for me is Tammy Faulkner, she writes about these adorable blonde haired tatted filled guys named the Reed Brothers. I am on a mailing list to receive deals and steals for books, one day her book Tall, Tatted, and Tempting was on the list for FREE. This book took me through the relationship of Logan and Emily. Cliffhanger and I had to have the 2nd book and am now waiting for 16th book in this series. We have watched the family grow, friendships made, and more babies than you can count. 

The second author is Aurora Rose Reynolds, she introduced me to the Mayson Brothers and cousins. Again, that mailing list came in handy and gave me the boxset of the Mayson Brothers, Until Series, for ONLY .99. Four wonderful, couldnt put down books for only .99. After these books were complete, I followed her on every social media I could find to keep up with her new releases. Her writing and way of telling stories keeps you interested, the way that all 4 books blend with each other is amazing, in book 2 you get Trevors point of view of the conversation with Cash, in book 3 you get the complete background of that conversation and Cash's point of view. All 4 brothers find their BOOM. Now she has graced us with stories of all these babies these men help make. 

The third author is Sawyer Bennett, she has a few series that I have read and waiting on the next. I can re read her books over and over. The Last Call Series has kept me coming back and of course The Cold Fury Series

Last but not least Harper Sloan, her books are jam packed with emotion and alpha men. Her books are not insta love, these characters work for it and work hard with lots of crap in the middle but at the end you are thrilled it all worked out. I read Cooper because it was FREE and then released there was a whole series and I just read book 5 and had no clue what happened to make this book happen, so after finishing Cooper, I purchased the boxset and met the Corps Security guys. 

I am sure that you have read or heard of all of these authors but to me these are the ones that really got my love of reading back. They are my core authors, those ones that I will stop reading what I am reading because they hit 'publish' on Amazon and their new book is released. They are wonderful people and they are great writers. Visit them give them some love and read their stories. 

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