05 November 2012

Our 4th Anniversary!

So this past week we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Life has been so busy, I didnt make a peep about it. Usually I am trying to figure out what he might have gotten me or just counting down to remind him. Last week, I blinked and it was here. I cant really say anything new we are still in love, we are still taking care of each other and our family, and we are supporting each other on all of our ventures with work and home. He's my heart, my world, and I couldnt imagine not being with him.

We celebrated at home, I was going to see if we could get a sitter and do a nice dinner out but we had plans for a work function coming up, a night without the kids then, so we just ate at home and enjoyed the evening with the girls. It was quiet and homey, it was us.

Kenny did surprise me by remembering and by also getting me a gift that I would never buy myself. A little on the expensive side but he said it will be for our anniversary and my birthday since its in December. So I will be enjoying that gift soon enough.

So 4 years down, a lifetime to go.

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