08 November 2012

All Kinds of Deer

So I have a 3 year old. 3 year olds say some pretty funny stuff. This past week we were driving home in the dark (stupid time change) and a deer ran out in front of the car in front of us. So I slowed down.

Ava asked "Mommy what's wrong?"
I replied 'Nothing, just a deer infront of us, we dont want to hit it with our car'
Ava "Is it a Grandpa Deer?"
Me "A Grandpa Deer? Whats that?"
Ava "Mommy, there are Mommy deer, Daddy deer, Son deer, Daughter deer, and Grandpa deer" She also kind of growled at me and made a weird face like I should know all the deer.

Me "Ok, if you want it to be a Grandpa deer than it is"
Ava "Fine"

Then she went on how she goes to Grandpa's house and if the Daddy deer goes to his Grandpa deers house.

Yea they have some funny stuff come out of their mouths at this age and I hope to get it all written down to share with her at later times in her life.

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