27 January 2012

# ABC # counting


Ava has started counting. She will be talking to you and start counting. It's so darn cute. Kenny and I just look at each other. She is doing great in the learning department. She is figuring out colors, ABCs, and counting of course. She can now count to 12/13 by herself and I try to chime in as fast as I can to coach her along to at least 20. Sometimes she will repeat, sometimes I get a devilish smile and "Noooo Mommy."

So Ava will call my name "Mooooommmy" or "Daaaaadddy" then say 3,4,5,6 right afterwards. She will be talking on her phone to whomever and start "7,8,9,10". To just listen to her is amazing to me. This little girl who at one day and time couldnt even hold her head up on her own is growing so fast, putting complete sentences together, expressing her opinions, and mouthy as ever.

Now she is counting. I just love watching her develop.

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