26 January 2012

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Hold On..

I hear myself saying this phrase more than once during the day. Over and over I am telling Ava to 'hold on' or 'hang on a minute' or 'give me a minute'. Clingy doesnt even describe the phase we are dealing with right now. For almost 2 weeks now, I can not even go to the bathroom without her either by my side or banging on the door. She has always went through these moments, mommy must do everything, no one can do anything for her but me. Yes its flattering, she only wants ME to change her clothes, give her a bath, and help her with whatever she needs, but on the other hand there are 2 parents in this house. She hasnt let her daddy help with much. In fact, even when she begs to go with him to the store and they come back, he is NOT allowed to get her out of her carseat. I must go out in the cold, wind, or rain and get her out or we have to deal with a major meltdown.

You might be thinking, SPOILED right?! Well yes a little but we are also picking our battles. Ava is a very strong willed and stubborn 2 year old. She has a strong blood line of it. She tells you what she thinks. So for the moment, Mommy is doing everything, Daddy tries to help as much as possible.

This time I believe the clingy is a little stronger, maybe its because Hailey is around, maybe its because of my work schedule, or maybe its just her being her. Whatever it is, for 2 weeks now I have been carrying her around, holding her, doing her baths, and everything else. It isn't bad when Kenny is home, he can help with Hailey or at least help with Ava crying while I am trying to do something. She hasnt been too awful when he isnt home, but I am consistantly asking her to 'hold on a minute' or 'hang on' so that I can feed, change, or hold Hailey for 2 seconds while she needs something.

Most nights she has been sitting on my lap with Hailey, or right beside me. I havent discouraged it any since I know one day she will not be like this at all. She will only cling on me when she wants something or is sick. Now I am taking it all in, as exhausting as it all is and reminding myself everyday that she will only be 2 once and then she wont. One day she will leave me to be on her own and I might get a phone call. So I am just going to keep repeating to her to 'hold on' so that I can have a minute then come back and put her on my lap as I have been.

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