17 September 2011


So not many people know and not sure if he cares if I share but Kenny and a few friends entered this years Pickin in the Panhandle. Kenny has been smoking shoulders and such at work so they decided to see how they would do in a competition. The only thing I can say I really complained about is that it fell on their weekend off and that meant a weekend away from home when I could always use an extra hand here. LOL.
But they set up Friday night and the weekend began. Ava and I went to their campsite Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the food, music, and time with everyone. Kenny started his cooking that evening.
Sunday, Ava and I made it back to the campsite for just long enough to watch the awards. Ok so they didnt place in the top 10 but for their first year I think they did well. Kennys pork shoulder tasted awesome too. We had leftovers and it tasted yummy, even though I got heartburn, but everything gives me heartburn. So I am not blaming Kenny at all.

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