17 September 2011

8 months down, one more to go....

Ok so finally I am down to about a month to go. The c-section is scheduled for October 21st, sometime in the morning. I am really counting down. My energy level has never came back like it should in the 2nd trimester and I am just sore. It's a little harder with Ava. I love having my little girl but she has more energy than I know what to do with sometimes. I try to keep up but its hard. I am still pretty small at 34 weeks but she is stuffed in there. I can feel almost every move she makes. She stretches and I feel her from the pelvic to my ribs. The bigger she gets the more excitehd I am getting. I am waiting to see who she will look like and will she have hair. By the amount of heartburn I have been having any other woman would say she will have a head full but I know with Ava that that isnt always true. I had crazy heartburn with her and she was almost completely bald when she was born. I cannot wait to compare Hailey's baby pictures with Ava and see how much they look alike or maybe they wont. It's all in the air right now.

About the only thing that is bugging me right now is that I really dont feel prepared like I did with Ava when we were this close to delivery. I think thats just because I do not have the energy to get things ready. Just thinking about washing the clothes and standing on my feet to put them away tires me. It's weird though because we are settled in our house now, we have lived here for almost 3 years and with Ava we were packing and getting ready to move yet I feel like this. I keep going through my to do list and I just dont want to do it. I think I might just get her bassinett ready and do the rest when I am home from the hospital. I really only need to make sure a few things are in place for her home arrival. I guess we did so much preparing for Ava that it feels like we arent doing anything for Hailey, yet everything is actually done and we are just waiting.

At this point I would rather use the little energy I do have to chase after my active toddler than worry about whether crib sheets are washed. I know I will have plenty of time for that later. We are quickly preparing for Ava's 2nd birthday and celebrating that, so I am using that as a deadline. Once we finish with her birthday weekend, we will move the bassinett downstairs and I will get the blankets ready. I also want to go ahead and her stuff ready for the hospital. Even though we are having a scheduled delivery I am thinking of going ahead and packing a small bag for me just incase I would go into labor early. No one I know has confidence that I will make it to the end of October. LOL.

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