17 September 2011


Have I bragged lately about the whole NO SWELLING. Yes, it is a wonderful thing. When I was pregnant with Ava, I began swelling around 25 weeks, couldnt wear my wedding rings, grew out of clothes and shoes, and it hurt to walk. I will say it still hurts to walk, lets face it at this point everything is hurting, you're just waiting for the end. But I just began swelling a little around 33 weeks. I must say it is a great feeling. I am still in full maternity clothes, even though I am growing out of pants quickly. At this point with Ava I was wearing Kenny's polo shirts to work just to look half descent and professional. I just took my wedding rings off for good this past week and my face is a little plump. The weather has cooled down a lot in the past 2 days and I am hoping this will help keep my swelling down, I still have a month to go.

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