17 September 2011


Ok So I havent updated in a long time. We have been busy. Seems like every weekend is jammed packed with what can we do and where can we go. Ava spent a weekend in August with her Nanny and had an awesome time. It's nice to have your child be comfortable enough to be away from you even tell you to 'go' and you get some adult time. Kenny and I didnt take all that advantage of it I must be honest. We went to dinner and came home. I am pregnant, exhausted, and if I dont have to take care of her, then I just wanted to prop my feet up. We did though eat a dinner without having to share our food, eat it half cold, and actually spoke to each other. Usually we are keeping tabs on Ava, trying to keep her entertained while waiting on the food, then she decides she is done and we haven't begun. So yea going to dinner with a toddler is challenging but she's so darn cute. Kenny has been working, no more than usual, but feels like it. Maybe because I am just exhausted and he helps so much that I really miss it when he isnt home. There are days I wish he worked 9-5 monday through friday but then I think that would be harder on him and us. He wouldnt get the breaks and have the energy to be as helpful as he is. He would probably be just as tired as I am and we both would be fighting who gets to lay on the couch. LOL
Work for me has been busier than I could have ever imagined. I thought we were busy as contractors but now working for the government it has really stepped up. I love it though. I hate to admit it but what job can you have that you work independently almost at your own pace, wear your ipod to keep you focused on your work, and there is a kinship with some of my co-workers that is awesome. If I am not working, I am being 'the mom', which I couldnt ask for anything else. Some days I just count down until I am with my baby girl. It's so awesome to walk through the door and she's yelling 'mommy, mommy' and I get a big hug. It has been way more exhausting with the extra weight, hormones, and no sleep but she will do something that will just make me stop and smile.
Ava is a HOT MESS as usual. She is learning more and more and soon will be a BIG SISTER. Our little girl will be 2 in just a week. I cant wait to celebrate with her. She is spitting out full sentences and freaking me out about how fast she is learning. She has a wonderful personality, almost always laughing and loves to play. She is loving being at Becky's and playing with Alaya and Blake. She is not a good morning person but once she gets there, she is ready to play.
So life is busy, and yes in 5 short weeks it will be yet busier but I can't imagine it being any other way. This year is only going to get better with the addition to our family. We have a lot to look forward to.

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