01 December 2010

Transitioning to the Toddler Bed

So in November we decided to start the big transition to a toddler bed for Ava. She slept in a bassinet until she was 4 months old, in January she moved to our bed, and since then she has been ruler of the bed.

We didnt expect much at first, maybe a little bit in the bed or even a crying fit because she was in there but it has gone well.

We put her bed beside ours. We aren't comfortable with her size and age being upstairs out of eye sight yet so she is still sharing our room. She likes her bed, she will play in it and sit and watch tv for a little bit. She still thinks our bed is her bed though. LOL

So we go to bed like usual, cuddling together in the big bed watching tv then when she falls asleep we move her into her bed. She has done so well. Some nights its only a few hours and then some nights it is all night. I wake up to check on her a few times during the night and she is always doing good. The blanket by then is usually off of her and she is sleeping on her belly.

I had started a bad habit of just leaving her in our bed when Kenny was working but about a week ago I stopped that too and began putting her in her bed once she is asleep.

I am soooooo happy that the transition is going as well as it is. I really thought she would have a screaming fit when she woke up and no one was beside her, but she just comes over to the edge and wakes me up to lift her into our bed.

And Kenny and I have our bed back! It has been wonderful sleeping in the middle instead of suck on the edge while Little Ava took over the entire bed.

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