01 December 2010

Our Thanksgiving....

Our 2nd Thanksgiving with Ava was quiet! It was one of the most relaxing days I can remember since my parents divorced in 1991. Since getting married and joining the Bowers clan, we have decided to help Sue with dinner and Erika and I cook also. This year the event was hosted by Erika and Kelly. Well I should say Erika, Kelly was out hunting until after 5 and she kept Ava and I company while Kenny was out hunting.

I had told my mom that we would be cooking and cleaning and it would be best if I could visit the day after and she agreed. My grandmother has decided that our family of 30+ is too large to cook for and she didnt want to do it this year. Who can blame her? Our family has split itself, the cousins arent as close as we used to be and we are all doing our own thing. So I didnt have to travel to Jefferson County that day either.

Ava and I stayed in our pjs until almost noon and headed to Erika's around 1:30pm. It was fun, Ava got to spend time with her Uncle Keith, who she doesnt get to see much and he kept her a little busy while Erika and I were peeling potatoes and watching stuff boil.

We sat down to eat a little before 7 and the dinner was wonderful. My sister in law is a great cook. And she ACTUALLY likes cooking and baking. I on the other hand, would rather order it and pick it up! LOL She baked a few pies for dessert and everyone was full.

It was a nice change, only going to one house this year. I didnt know what to do with myself not scheduling it out and picking and choosing where and when to go here and there.

This year was a lot more fun with Ava also, this time last year she was 2 months olds, learning to hold her head up and eating rice cereal with lots and lots of formula. This year she was running around, talking up a storm, and making noise with everything she could. Uncle Keith taught her to make lots of noise yelling into a paper towel cardboard roll.

At the end of the evening we all hugged and kissed goodbye and went our ways. Erika is only a 5 minute drive from our house and Ava was OUT!!! It was about 2 hours passed her bed time when we left and she crashed. She didnt even open her eyes when taking her out of her carseat to put her to bed.

Oh yea and she slept in until 8 the next morning, gotta love whatever the heck is in turkey to make you sleep!!!

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