14 December 2010

A new baby....

Yes that is right, I am going to be an Aunt again! I do not have any words to describe the feeling. My sister in law, Erika, is expecting this spring. I am overjoyed at the fact that I will have another baby to spoil.

Erika and I have a relationship that some families want or some families could careless about. We are sister in laws that treat each other as we were blood sisters. If she needed anything she knows all she has to do is call and YES I WILL ANSWER! She is younger than my middle sister but older than my baby sister so she is right there in the age group of our family.

When I met Erika she was shy and didnt say much. I met her at Thanksgiving at Kenny's moms house. I have never been quiet so I spoke with the family like I had known them for years and gave a big good bye and told them I would see them at Christmas.

It wasnt until the following Summer, that she and I got to spend some time together. We went to the beach with the boys father and step mother. We spent the whole week surrounded by each other. One evening we went out on the deck and talked until 3 am about the boys and issues and what we want out of life. There we became best friends. I think in that little bit of time we made up our minds that we would be friends and date brothers. I am thankful for it.

Now she is having a baby. I look at her as a little sister and it is unbelievable to me that she is even old enough to have a baby! That she is a grown woman, married, and now will become a mother. I looked at my sister Jess the same way when she told me she would be having my niece, Emily.

I know she will be a great mother. I have tried not to do the annoying 'I did this or I did it this way' but that is really hard when you have gone through the experience. I just want her to be prepared, as prepared as any new mother can be. She is getting the most precious gift any person can get, she and her husband will become parents and open their hearts to a little person. Loving a child is something special, it doesnt need to be learned, it comes naturally and it takes over your whole heart.

Her life is about to change in so many different ways. It will be exciting to watch her get her rythm and routine. She knows we all will be there to help her when she is challenged and tired. I cannot wait to hold her child in my arms and know that I will get to love this child for the rest of my life, as an Aunt!

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