21 December 2010

My Birthday!

So on this day last year I decided to start blogging. I have been pretty regular at it and happy to be doing it. One day I like to think Ava will look this page up and read all my random thoughts and see how much I loved her through words also. This past year has been amazing. So much as changed yet so much as stayed the same. We are preparing for Christmas. A fun one it will be this year with our bouncing toddler.

My birthday this year has been very special, as it has every year. Kenny took me to dinner this past Saturday, he again is working this year on my birthday. We spent an evening together talking about our little girl while she spent the evening with her Nanny (my mom). My present was also my anniversary gift so I have had it for a couple months months now. A new digital camera so I can take a million pictures of my baby girl.

A hug from her this morning made my day. I cant wait to pick her up and get another hug.

My friends and family have already made this day special just by remembering and wishing me a happy birthday. I was greeted at work by a decorated cube and signing from friends.

I have always tried to make my birthday a big deal, look at what I am up against, Christmas is 4 days away! LOL. But everyone has always make it special and let it be MY DAY!

So Happy Birthday to Me!

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