12 August 2010

Mommys Little Helper

Ava has been walking over a month now and she has gotten more stable, faster, and into everything! LOL

A few weekends ago, Kenny and I were doing chores around the house and she helped with everything. She was taking dirty dishes out and trying to hand everything to Kenny while he was trying to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. She watched the whole time he was cleaning up the counters and putting stuff away.

While Kenny was in the kitchen, I began laundry, about 4 loads, I decided to just take it to the living room to fold. Well as soon as Ava saw me with the basket, here she came. She had our clean laundry everywhere. She kept trying to take shirts out to Kenny in the kitchen and had socks thrown all over the living room.

She had a fun time though and laughed a lot as we kept saying “No Ava put it back.” She loved it.

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