12 August 2010

The County Fair

The first week of August we had our county fair. Monday night was the coolest night they were predicting so we chose that nigh to go. I got home from work and loaded Ava up. Off we went.

Our child is soooo MY CHILD when it comes to big events with people. She was people watching and talking to everyone. She wasn’t too sure about the animals, they made noise and she would hold on a little tighter to my shirt and look at me.

We ran into everyone we knew and are related to, so they got to visit with Ava and she took full advantage. Down at the horse barn, she and Ella had a fun time chasing one another around and laughing at each other. She wasn’t even scared of the truck pull, she sat there and watched a little bit with Kenny.

I am sure next year will be more fun for her since she will be older, bigger, and more mobile but I think she had a pretty good time this year. She drank lots of sweet tea and some butterfly potato things with cheese.

She crashed on the way home, dirty and tired. When we got home, she was wide awake (I think the sweet tea was working), so she got a bath and an hour later we were all asleep.

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