05 August 2010

BFF's for a Loooong Time

This past weekend I joined a great group of people to celebrate one of my longest BFF's upcoming arrival. Alicia is due for her c-section on August 23rd with a little boy.

Alicia and I have known each other since 9th grade where we had like 4 or 5 classes out of 7 together so we were bound to be friends! In high school we were pretty close until boyfriends and cars came along. We each made our own life but always found time for each other. After high school it became a little hard to visit as much as we would like, I started college and before I knew it Alicia was a married woman!

Throughout the years we have remained close through email, calls, and texting. As we have grown so have our families.

In 2008, Alicia announced she was expecting. I was sooo happy for her. A little baby to spoil. By the end of that year, I got to meet Carrington, one of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid eyes on. As Cari was approaching her first month here in the world, I was announcing that I was expecting. It was so exciting to think our kids were going to be that close in age. They have met a few times but the age difference still has them a little baffled at each other. Cari is walking, talking, and figuring things out while Ava is about 10 months after her and just starting the whole walking and playing with others. They are both learning.

Now as Ava will be approaching 11 months old this month, Alicia will be giving birth to Camden. It is so awesome. I couldnt be happier for her and Justin.

To think of our 12 or 13 year relationship and the times we were stuck to each others hip and the times that we couldnt align up the schedules to see each other, but we still care for one another and now each others kids. I hope our kids grow to know one another and to be able to rely on each other as Alicia and I have.

I know that will take a while, because it takes a while for their little brains to develop and to even get the concept that they should play together and not by themselves, but when that comes I think it will be a great thing.

Life is amazing and I treasure every moment of it. The people in my life are what make it special and I am really thankful for them all.

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