14 June 2010

Pampered Chef

This past weekend I hosted a Pampered Chef party. I am not one to usually have these parties but when I attended my cousin's in February it was a lot of fun, so I invited her to come and share some of her products at my house. Our pampered chef consultant Jennifer was awesome. She came and baked a bacon cheeseburger rollup with a cholocate trifle for dessert. Everything smelled and looked amazing.

My guests were awesome and seemed to really enjoy themselves. They listened to Jennifer and asked questions and she tried to answer all of them as best as she could. They ate, talked, and ordered. Its awesome when we do have these parties because 99% of the people are related to ya and there really isnt any of those weird silent moments or times when you're wondering about that person because you know them. Guests included cousins, my aunts, mother in law and sister inlaw and great friends.

Ava had a ball until about 8 pm when she is usually in bed and people were still at our house. Then she started getting a little cranky and rubbing her eyes. I'm happy it was a success and once everyone went home Ava got to sleep, which made her happy.

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