02 June 2010

Memorial Day

We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. It started Friday as Kenny and I both got off of work a little early and spent the evening at home. Kenny's four day started right then and he would be home with us all weekend. It has been a long time since he has had nothing to do like class or work on the weekend.

Saturday we cleaned house and did laundry then ran some errands. I had started Ava at the beginning of the week not giving her a bottle to go to bed, so I had decided since I would be home all weekend, we would go without any bottle also and see how she does. When we woke up on Saturday, I fed her some fruit and milk and she played for a while. When we went into target I took formula and a bottle just incase her belly would start to rumble but she did great. She loved it in target, looking around at everyone and playing with the stuff in the cart. She napped on the way home.

Our plans for the evening busted because our friends daughter ended up with pink eye. I did not even want to try to have to deal with that with my 8 month old. So we ordered pizza and watched tv and laughed at Ava, she was in rare form Saturday night, giggling and laughing and throwing herself around the living room.

Sunday ended up being a great day at my grandmothers and visits with my cousins. Ava and Emily got to spend some time together and the little ones played in the water with my dad.

Monday we had a cookout with Kennys family and my dad. Kenny grilled and everyone brought something to contribute. It was a good day. Except for the heat! Ava got to play with her Uncle Keith who she doesnt see that often. The house was full but it was a good time.

After our cookout, we laid down and took a nap, a wonderful way to end such a busy weekend with the family.

Ava did wonderful, she did not look for her bottle or seem to want her bottle. She drank milk from her sippy and helped me eat my food plus her baby food. She tried PICKLES. The kid didnt even give me a funny face, she ate a whole pickle by herself and LOVED it. I dont know if it was because I was eating one or if it was just that good. She isnt being slowed down by not having any teeth. She also had plenty of homemade ice cream.

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