16 April 2010


Our Avabug is teething full force now. These past 2 weeks have been stressful for her. Not only did she get her 6 month shots, she got a cold with a runny nose and some congestion but I think those bottom teeth are moving upward. We havent seen any teeth pop through yet but her gums are rough and bumpy.

Her day sleeping pattern had changed, she was more irritable, and cried ten times more than she has since she was born. Our baby girl isn't a big crier, there are only a few things that have her mad: she needs a bottle right now or she can't reach whatever she wants. Unfortunately my sister, Ashley, got the brunt of this. Ava was on a great schedule, a 2 hour nap in the morning and usually at least a hour nap in the afternoon. She went from this to sleeping 20 minutes here and there and crying because she was sleepy but couldn't because of her pain. So we broke out the teething tablets, orejel, frozen teething rings, and tyenol. There is only so much you can do for a 6 month old.

She had been sleeping all night and began waking up once or twice just crying or wanting a bottle or just cuddling. Which not only made for a long night but for a long day when I was at work trying to concentrate on files, when I would be wondering how she is feeling or doing for my sister.

I felt so bad for her, why do babies have to go through all this pain for their first few teeth when they are just going to lose them in a few years anyways?!?!

She has been drooling and chewing on her fingers for months. She hasnt had much discomfort until this past week. I can really tell when she is being bothered by them because she will shove my finger or Kenny's finger in her mouth and look peaceful chewing on ours. I guess our fingers being a little bigger and thicker feel better for the chewing process of getting those teeth to come up.

I just hope that the first tooth comes soon. The past couple of days she has began to get back into her normal routine. I believe how ever much that tooth moved forward it is done for now until the next time. She is back to sleeping all night with the occasional wake up and napping a little better during the day. Her mood has perked up and she isnt crying as much through out the day and is back to playing and laughing. I just cant wait until she is old enough to tell me what is wrong because it has been a guessing game.

We couldn't ask for a better kid though, she is absolutely a great baby. Even when she isnt feeling good she smiles which makes you feel worse because you know she doesnt feel good. But shes doing better and back to scooting all over my house and yelling and trying to talk and jumping all over us. Shes so full of energy.

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