22 April 2010

Sitting Up!

Ava has mastered the skill of sitting up on her own. She is so funny. She will roll over on her belly, scooch backwards and use her arms until she is sitting up, then she smiles and claps. She knows she is doing a good job and likes to be praised for it, so I clap with her and give her kisses.

At some point last week she was very close to being able to do this but just not there. Then last Wednesday morning around 4am I woke up to her sitting up. It amazed me, she was still sleeping though, I layed her back down and she went back to snoring.  Kenny and I didnt know whether it was just a fluke or was she actually able to sit up on her own. When Kenny picked Ava up from Becky on Thursday, Becky told him that she wasn't sure if we had seen it yet but Ava sat herself up on the couch while she was watching her, Kenny told her we knew. Over the weekend she kept practicing while playing on the floor. By Monday, she had it mastered. Now we are woke up every morning by her sitting herself up and yelling her version of "Hi" to wake us up and she is all smiles.

Now sitting up on her own has become a new way for her to launch herself all over my living room. She is getting closer to crawling everyday. I believe now that she can sit up and knows her legs work a certain way that she is understanding that they MOVE. It's so exciting to see her grow. She is learning more and more. The more she understands her body and the way it works the more she does. She will scoot a little, sit herself up, play with a toy, throw the toy, then throw herself back down on the floor to scoot some more. Its just amazing to watch her play.

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