13 April 2010

Central Chapel Softball Season has BEGUN!

Our church softball season has started and the first game was exciting! I have no clue who we played, whether we won or not, but it was an evening of catching up with friends and family. Central has opened their own softball field so we had to travel a whole 2 minutes to get here which was great because Ava wasnt in the carseat forever.

The kids had a ball playing in the dirt and enjoying the nice weather.

My wonderful sister in law, Erika, was there, Ava had a great time jumping all over her. During the game we had great conversation with Jess, Jodi, and Julianne, and all the other family members there. Sitting around and chatting while listening to the kids play was too much fun. Some of the things that come out of their mouths when they are playing is unbelievable. And when dirt is involved you never know what they will do.

Ella and Ava got to see each other. Ava loves Ella. She was super hyper when Ella came by. Ava kept waving and jumping forward to try to get to Ella.

Hopefully the weather will keep getting better, by the middle of the second game we were begging for the end, as the air had gotten chiller and it was getting darker.

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