08 April 2010

Our Babies!

Our babies are GROWING!

Both had doctor appointments this past week. Patton is now 16 weeks old and getting so big. He is taller and heavier than when he first entered our family. His doctors appointment went well, he got shots and weighs a whole 23 pounds. I am waiting for him to weigh either close to me or more than me as fast as is he is growing. He has learned for the most part for a pup how to behave in the house and is learning that he should go to the door if he has to go to the bathroom. Since the weather has become nicer, he is spending more time outside. Kenny bought him a nice long chain to run and a doghouse and he loves being outside. He plays and watches the birds. When he comes inside in the evenings, he runs towards the bedroom (where Ava and I usually are) and jumps around and plays for a while. He usually gets comfy on the floor on my side of the bed and snores really loud until we put him in his crate for the night. He is also getting better with the crate, he doesnt wine nearly as much as he used to and is getting used to our schedule.

Ava had her doctors appointment today and she is 25 3/4 inches long and a whole 13 lbs 12 oz, which is tiny but the doctor is very happy with her height and weight. She also got shots. She only cried for a minute and settled down after I could get her off the table and hold her. We got the 'green light' to begin some table foods and milk. The doctor told me to begin encouraging her to use a sippy cup which we have been and right now its a mess but shell get the hang of it. Ava is bouncing around everywhere and trying to become more mobile. She rolls or pivets her way around my living room and will easily try to jump out of your arms for something she sees that she wants. She is laughing all the time, giving open mouth kisses, and has begun to wave. She is sooo mouthy but with the family she is in, it is welcomed! She is happy most of the time and sleeps great at night.

They are both growing so fast and learning so much. I am happy to have them both. Ava and Patton are in love and are usually very excited to see each other at the end of the day. When she cries out, he is right there and I love that. He can take care of her and she has a playmate.

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